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When Pets Damage Your Carpets

They are basically a part of your family. The happiness pets bring is unmatched. Any pet owner will proudly boast that nothing compares to tail wags, head rubs, and hours spent frolicking with your pet. A pet owner will also tell you that apart from destroyed shoes and massacred electrical cords, having pets also means that your beautiful carpet gets reduced to one big chew toy and scratching post.

But before you decide between owning a pet or owning a carpet, there is a solution. Better yet, if you are residing in Orange County or its surrounding areas, then you are one click away from restoring your pet-damaged tattered carpets. Horizon Carpet Repair in Orange County, CA’s premier carpet repair service will have even the most pet abused carpet back to brand new.

What Is Pet Damage?

Pets are notoriously frisky and inquisitive, and often these traits are taken out on your lovely carpet. Pets scratch at carpets, and during this process, their claws tend to get stuck, causing fibers to get loose. Pets have very sharp teeth, and consistently chewing on carpets leads to deterioration of the fibers, eventually causing excessive threading and entirely loosened fibers – not to mention pet urine can permanently stain.

Signs You Need To Repair Your Pet Damaged Carpet

While there are few at-home hacks you can employ to mitigate the damages to your carpet, there are some sure signs that you need a carpet repair service. If despite all your best efforts with the hot glue, fibers are still loose and fraying, the edges are ragged, and your carpet is riddled with bumps and folds, it’s time to call in the professionals. If you reside in or live within proximity of Orange Country, California, then Book Your Service at Horizon Carpet Repair.

Why You Need To Repair Your Pet Damaged Carpet?

Carpets are quite the investment, and it was made to be a long-term item in your home. So just the mere thought that your carpet may be damaged beyond repair is quite disheartening. But before you go carpet shopping, it is worth getting a professional carpet repair service to salvage the situation. Furthermore, it is more cost-effective to repair your carpet than to replace it. Contacting a professional repair service such as Horizon Carpet will save you time and money.

Horizon Carpet Repairs utilizes various methods, including but isn’t limited to carpet patching with high-quality matching materials and stretching to get your carpet back to being the ideal complement to your home.

Ways To Prevent Pet Damage

Obviously, choosing between your pets and your carpet is not an option. But some tried, and true methods help in preventing your furry friends from destroying the carpet.

Trimming your pet’s nails to prevent them from getting stuck and tugging the fibers
Spray a neutralizing mix of water and vinegar or baking soda onto the carpet. The scent will serve as a deterrent to dogs.
Invest in scratch posts for your cats, so they are less tempted to use the carpet as one. Also, apply catnip to the posts to keep them attracted to it.

Horizon Carpet Repair services have over two decades of expertise. The dedicated team works assiduously to maintain its high standards and efficiency.

Don’t give up on your carpet just yet!
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