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Carpet Seam Repair

Carpets are multifunctional. They come in a plethora of colors, styles, and types and can be sized down to the last inch to fit your space like a glove. They contribute to comfort, aesthetics, functionality, and safety. Their durability is unmatched, and apart from proper care, are a set-it-and-forget-it home piece.

Your lovely carpet was made to withstand wear and tear, but high foot traffic in an isolated area and other factors can lead to damaged carpet seams. While the sight of lifting seams is a cause for concern, you can breathe easy knowing Horizon Carpet Repair, Orange County’s premier carpet repair service, is just one click or call away.

What Is Carpet Seam Repair?

Carpet seam repair is the intricate process of repairing damaged carpet seams. Laying carpets require skill and attention to detail. One of the most common issues that arise when a carpet is not correctly installed is seam problems. Laying a carpet seam is one of, if not the most challenging, part of carpet installation. Seam repair can include sealing, applying adhesives, or completely remaking seams.

Signs You Need Carpet Seam Repair?

Due to the detail associated with laying carpet seam, you must enlist a professional to install your carpet properly. Bad installation is the main culprit of carpet seam issues. You need to text a photo of your seam problem (1(800) 690-3498) to Horizon Carpet Repair for your free quote and same-day seam repair if your seam casts a shadow, is peaking, is splitting, is unraveling, or is excessively discolored. Another sign is if your carpet seams are wrinkling and bulging, which is obvious and unattractive.

Why You Need A Seam Repair?

Seams are a ghastly carpet issue to have. The shadows that are cast due to improper placement and other seam issues are evident. While hiding seams is the first line of defense, this only serves as a temporary fix that will still require a long-term plan of action. Seams are already a problem because the carpet was not correctly installed; henceforth, acquiring a professional is the only guarantee to end your seam problems.
Horizon Carpet Repair possesses over two decades of expertise in the carpet repair industry. Our skilled technical carpet repair team is supported by our custom-centric staff, focused on providing you expert customer service in the quickest time. Horizon has garnered a reputation of excellence and is deserving of its title as Orange County’s #1 Carpet Repair Service.

Horizon has a suite of services to repair your carpet seams and more.

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Address: 3024 E Chapman Ave Orange,
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Text or Email Your Carpet Picture Now

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Call Horizon Carpet Repair At 1(800) 690-3498

Call Horizon Carpet Repair At 1(800) 690-3498


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