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Carpet Patching
Why Replace When You Can Patch?

Carpet patching is a quick, effective fix to repairing your carpet. It is convenient, cost-effective, and hassle-free. If the damaged area on your carpet isn’t extensive, patching is the ideal method to fix it. It is also advantageous as there are usually leftover carpet remnants from installations that can be used for patching.

While carpet patching is simple, it is best to acquire a professional carpet repair service to ensure a foolproof patchwork. If you require carpet patching services in the Orange County, California area, then Horizon Carpet Repair is your go-to for excellent carpet patching.

What Is Carpet Patching?

Carpet Patching is a necessary process when a carpet has been stained, damaged, or completely lost its fibers. This type of repair is carried out by applying the same or a very similar carpet of the same size to the damaged area. This is an economical method of mending a damaged carpet, and while many online resources give step-by-step instructions to DIY, this is inadvisable. Patching your carpet yourself will likely result in the problem becoming worse and even more noticeable.

Signs Your Carpet Needs Patching

One of the most common signs that a carpet requires patching is stains. While consistent and thorough cleaning of carpets will remove most stains, others like red wine won’t budge. Pet damage (scratches and chews), carpet snags, spills (paint, wine, bleach), burns (cigarette, iron), and other damage that is not extensive

Constant pet urine without immediate cleaning can also lead to permanent stains. Burns, depleted padding, and badly worn fibers are all signs you need to elicit the services of Horizon Repair Services for a seamless carpet patch.

How To Patch A Carpet?

Horizon Carpet Repair’s masterful team of carpet technicians strives to patch your carpets as precisely as possible. The damaged area is first removed by cutting. If you don’t have leftover remnants from the initial installation, we proceed by grafting a carpet from a less noticeable or less used section of the house. We then strategically place the grafted carpet in the area that was previously removed. The less-used space from which the replacement was received will be filled with a patch that matches it as close as possible. It won’t be perfect, but it won’t be seen either while the grafted patched section is impeccable.

Why You Need Carpet Patching

You need carpet patching to fix those minor isolated issues with your carpet for which a complete replacement would be too excessive. Carpet patching is a thrifty approach to repairs that will leave your carpet looking refreshed and renewed.

Horizon Carpet Repairs have successfully been patching carpets for over two decades. The dedicated team at Horizon are skillful patchers that will quickly cut and replace your damaged areas with the best fitting patches.

Horizon Carpet Repair is the consummate professionals at repairing even the most tattered carpets. We uniformly patch domestic and commercial carpets to ensure your aesthetic is not disturbed.

Why replace the whole carpet when you can just patch it?
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Where To Start

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