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Carpet To Tile Transition

Your home is a blank canvas just waiting for your creative eye. You can redesign, change, resume, and reintegrated as often as you like. You spend your hard-earned money on quality pieces to ensure longevity. Most importantly, you want variety. Whether it is a myriad of vibrant paint colors, decor incorporating various design styles or different types of flooring, you can have it all.

There is no reason to settle for one measly flooring when you can have two. You want tiles, you want a carpet, and you don’t have to choose. The highly skilled team of carpet technicians at Horizon Carpet Repair are experts in creating a coherent look and feel throughout your space.

What Is Carpet To Tile Transition?

Carpet to tile transition is the seamless intertwining of two modes of flooring types, in this case, carpet and tile. Now you must be thinking that integrating tile and carpet is a simple measure and snip job, but this is quite the opposite. Carpet to tile transition includes choosing the suitable transition strips, tacks, and keen attention to detail.

Transition strips come in various materials, namely: metal, wood, and vinyl. Metal transition strips can be made of brass, aluminum, and pewter. Each with a different finish that highlights different floor types. Wood transition strips are ideal for wood flooring and, when paired with the right carpet, creates a perfect, almost invisible transition. Vinyl is the most cost-effective selection with the added value of being water absorbent. Transitions look cohesive and quickly notify a person that there is an impending change in floor height, which can be a safety hazard.

Signs You Need A Carpet To Tile Transition

When your decor calls for a mixed approach to flooring, you definitely need a professional to create a seamless transition. A carpet-to-tile transition is usually the final touch on completing your interior design. Having a bumpy transition is unattractive. It takes away from all your arduous work and redirects it to a flaw that can also cause accidents. When there are clumsy overlaps, you definitely need to hire a professional if you attempted the transition yourself, thinking it was simply cutting your carpet.

Why Do You Need A Carpet To Tile Transition?

You need a carpet tile transition to give your home or office one unified look. A carpet-to-tile transition will give whoever is in your space the ability to recognize a possible height difference in flooring. So, proper transitions are a matter of safety as much as it is aesthetics. Moreover, you have gone to great lengths to design your environment; don’t let a simple task of finality take away from what is otherwise a perfect ambiance.

Customer satisfaction and quality service are the core tenets of Horizon Carpet Repair. Horizon has honed its skills as an expert service provider with over two decades of successful repairs. With a focus on efficiency, Horizon has proven itself to be Orange County’s leading carpet repair service.

Why settle for uneven flooring?

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