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Stretching Your Carpet
The Solution to Carpet Ripples and Buckles

What Is Carpet Stretching?
Carpet stretching is the process by which a carpet is pulled tighter with the aim of re-securing it to tacks or anchor strips located along the sub-flooring perimeter.

Signs You Need To Stretch Your Carpet

The main sign that you need to stretch your carpet is buckling or rippling. Sometimes called wrinkling, this is characterized by looseness in the carpet that creates waves or wrinkles on the surface. This can be caused by humidity, especially in the summer months. The moisture-rich air penetrates the carpet, resulting in swelling.

Carpets that have been drenched and not adequately dried can also lead to buckling. In addition, buckling can be a result of dragging heavy equipment or furniture across the carpet, poor carpet installation, and insufficient underpadding.

Another sure sign that your carpet is in need of stretching is if the edges are lifting away from the tacks. When the base of your carpet is damaged, the repair that is often necessary is stretching.

If you are experiencing any of these problems and are lucky enough to reside in Orange County, California, Horizon Carpet Repair is your one-stop carpet stretching company.

Why Do You Need To Stretch Your Carpet?

One of the most important reasons for stretching your carpet is that it significantly increases safety. Ripples and waves caused by buckling pose a serious falling hazard. This is dangerous for anyone but especially toddlers and the elderly.

Getting your carpet stretched is also very crucial to maintenance. Stretching helps to correctly align the carpet, leading to a longer life span as misaligned or improperly installed carpets are more susceptible to wear and tear. This can lead to you prematurely replacing your carpet.

Furthermore, carpet stretching removes the uneven wrinkles where debris and dust settle. And if it isn’t apparent, stretching your carpet removes those unsightly bulges that would make your otherwise conspicuous home seem untidy. A well-stretched clean carpet is the perfect finishing complement to any room.

If your carpet has buckled, getting it stretched is vital to prevent permanent damage. If a buckled carpet is left unstretched, the ripples worsen over time and eventually lead to prominent permanent creases.

How To Stretch A Carpet?

A carpet is stretched by applying tension in multiple directions simultaneously. This will force the carpet to smooth and straighten. When this solution was first conceptualized, it required immense manpower to do the stretching manually.

Today, this process has significantly been modernized, and carpet stretching is done by a high-powered stretching tool that uses mechanical claws that burrow into the inner latex padding of the carpet, exerting a whopping 674 pounds. With the inner latex backing stretched to its limit, the carpet is forced to straighten and release its wrinkles—leading to a perfectly fitted carpet. Finally, the edges are trimmed to perfection.

The team at Horizon Carpet Repair boasts over two decades of carpet stretching expertise. Customer-focused and bent on giving every customer the smoothest carpets they have ever laid eyes on, Horizon Repair is California’s premier carpet repair service.

Book A Stretch Now to have your carpet looking smooth as silk!

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