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Berber Carpet Repair

The exquisite, intricate Berber carpet is a standard household carpet that is the ideal juxtaposition of value and beauty. Berber carpets are woven with a distinctive loop style that leaves the backing uncut. The term Berber refers to the weaving style which mimics that of the people of Berber North Africa.

Berber carpets, though formerly light-colored with flecks of color interwoven, now come in a variety of colors. Berbers come in at a distinctively lower price than other carpets due to the materials used to construct them and the fact that loops are left out. All carpets are initially in the loop style and as they g0 through the manufacturing process, the tops of the loops are sheared off.

With value for money and intricate weaving, this leaves Berber open to easy damage. But don’t be discouraged at the sight of a loose loop or even a run. Once you reside in Orange County, California, your Berber carpet needs don’t have to be a hassle. Just send a photo of your Berber damage to Horizon Carpet Repair, and in no time, your Berber will be back to its previous beauty.

What Is Berber Carpet Repair?

Berber carpet repair is the art of skillfully applying methodologies and techniques to seamlessly repairing Berber carpets. Due to their loose loops, Berber carpets are fine candidates for pulls, snags, running loose loops, and stains that burrow deep. Berber carpet repair employs techniques such as patching and seam repairs to ensure your carpet has many more years of beauty left.

Signs You Need To Repair Your Berber Carpet?

The low pile but loose dense loops make Berber the go-to choice when shopping. Unfortunately, these loose fibers also contribute to its issues. The coils come undone pretty quickly. Tall toenails, high heels, pets, and most furniture can tug at the loops, causing them to unravel. These loose loops are obvious and are a definite sign you need to Book A Service At Horizon Carpet Repair. Another sure-fire way to determine you need to call in the professionals is stains. The dense loose fibers are the ideal places for the stain to take set and be uncleanable. When all the blotting doesn’t work, you know you need expert help.

Why You Need Berber Carpet Repair?

You need Berber carpet repair because it is the cheaper alternative to replacing your carpet entirely. The loose design lends itself to simple repairs when completed by professionals. Many owners attempt to fix Berber damages on their own. However, this is not recommended as the loose fibers can become permanently damaged or unravel if the repairs are not carried out correctly.

Horizon Carpet Repair is home to a hardworking team of masterful carpet connoisseurs. The Horizon staff possesses over two decades of carpet repair expertise coupled with excellent customer service.

With a lifetime labor guarantee and the aim of same-day service for all customers, Horizon Carpet Repair has earned the reputation as Orange County’s premier carpet repair service.

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