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Commercial Carpet Repair

Commercial carpeting plays a vital role in businesses. Unlike its household counterpart that is focused on aesthetics and home decor, commercial carpets are built for function, not fashion.

Commercial Carpets are durable and are designed with tighter loops to withstand high levels of foot traffic and sometimes machinery. Even though they are crafted to manage the needs of a business, commercial carpeting will still eventually experience wear and tear and need repairing.

When your carpet plays a core function in your business, having a professional repair service on hand guarantees a quick turnaround time with little to no downtime for your organization.

Whether it’s an office space, factory, restaurant, or any other commercial outfit in Orange County, California, Horizon Carpet Repair has the tools and experience to mend your commercial carpet efficiently.

What Is Commercial Carpet Repair?

Commercial Carpet repair is an expert repair service aimed explicitly at mending carpets in a workspace. Commercial carpeting can become ripped or frayed, curls at the corners or has minor stains that are better left in the hands of professionals rather than your regular maintenance or janitorial staff.

Signs You Need A Commercial Carpet Repair

Commercial Carpets have an estimated lifespan of 7-10 years. If before this time your carper becomes damaged with raised bumps, frays, rips, stains, or the effects of machines, it’s time to enlist a carpet repair service. Additionally, commercial carpets’ materials have high friction capabilities that prevent slipping. As the carpet gets worn, these capabilities lessen, which can become a safety hazard. Commercial carpets are usually installed using glue; as the carpet is utilized, the adhesive can lift and cause wrinkles over time. Wrinkling or buckling is unattractive and can become a nuisance as they tend to form in the highest trafficked areas of the workspace. If you’re experiencing these or any other commercial carpet complications and you operate in Orange County, CA, Call Horizon Repair for a free estimate today.

Why You Need A Commercial Carpet Repair?

Commercial carpets take up floor spaces, and replacing them would mean removing all furniture, appliances, and machines. Not only is it costly, but the work that goes into replacing the carpeting could be downtime for your business. Repairing is cheaper with fewer moving parts. If your carpet is less than 10 years old, save yourself the hassle of replacement. That carpet still has a lot of life left and just needs a good repair.

For the safety and professional appeal of your business, you need a commercial carpet repair.

How We Repair Your Carpet?

At Horizon Carpet Repair, we pride ourselves in applying the best and most innovative strategies to repair your commercial carpet without causing you delays. We patch, stretch, section, and relay carpet using the adhesive best suited for your business flooring. We utilize the highest quality material to ensure you, your staff, and customers get the most out of your commercial carpets.

Horizon Carpet Repair possesses over two decades of experience repairing both domestic and commercial carpets. The team of masterful repair experts prides itself on delivering customer-centric top notched services.

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Please check out our complete list of carpet repair services page or follow the links at the top of the page for more information about your specific carpet problem.

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